Hanger Unit Bearings

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Hanger bearings provide adjustable support in high-vibration conditions such as screw conveyors. They consist
of a bearing mounted in a round housing. This housing has either a threaded boss used to vertically mount the
housing or a fixed swivel to align the bearing with the shaft.

Hanger bearings are used as rotational bearings for drive and screw-conveyor shafts. Typically, these
industrial shafts are enclosed with a housing or conveyor trough. Hanger bearings are comprised of a split-
roller bearing in a cast iron split-housing with a threaded boss that provides suspension for the conveyor

AMI MUCHPL207RFCEB Hanger Unit Bearings

11 mm 90 mm
6.65 kN UC203G2L4

AMI MUCHPL207-22RFCEB Hanger Unit Bearings

15.9 mm 117 mm
200 °C 148 mm

AMI MUCHPL207-20RFCEB Hanger Unit Bearings

40 mm 22.7 mm
12 mm 30.5 mm

AMI MUCHPL207-23RFCEB Hanger Unit Bearings

Single V-Lock 0.0020 in
2.990 in 12.44 in

AMI MUCHPL206RFCEB Hanger Unit Bearings

100 °C 35 mm
34.92 mm 34 mm

AMI MUCHPL206-20RFCEB Hanger Unit Bearings

1.9 in 6.4 in
4-3/16 in Aluminium Triple Lab

AMI MUCHPL206-19RFCEB Hanger Unit Bearings

198.4 mm 31324X
65200 lbf 62 mm

AMI MUCHPL206-18RFCEB Hanger Unit Bearings

365 3.66 in
0.32 0.0773

AMI MUCHPL205-16RFCEB Hanger Unit Bearings

-20 °C NTN
32 mm 2.83 kN

AMI MUCHPL204RFCEB Hanger Unit Bearings

21 mm 76 mm
T204N- 18.3 mm

AMI MUCHPL205RFCEB Hanger Unit Bearings

83 mm 16 mm
2.53 kg 49.21 mm